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Garden services and solutions

Would you like to transform your tired old lawn into vibrant living Garden?


Would you like to discover how easy it is to grow and maintain a vegetable garden, saving you money on your weekly shops but also noticing an improvement in quality of your food?

Letzgrow offers a variety of solutions to help you set up an maintain  your garden while offering social activities with fellow horticultarists.

Garden services and solutions

Our services and solutions are flexible, with every project assessed to see what you as the client wants.

This flexibility includes the type of gardening you would like, be it a simple raised bed concept, pollytunnel solutions or any other projects you may wish.

We also offer our flexibility in terms of care for your space, our services include a simple set up, we offer to continue care for the garden in specifics functions (harvesting, managing, etc.)

Finally we would like to create a community of fellow gardening enthusiasts by organising events such as quarterly seminars, vegetable exchange meets where you can share your results and tricks with other members of the community, as well as a number of meet ups for cooking events.

Would you like to join our Letz Grow gardening community? Then please contact us.


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