The Garden

The Garden started life as a few raised beds in 2014. Located at the back of Senad's family home this garden which first started out as a hobby for Senad has year on year grown as he set forth to learn more every year.

This thirst for adjusting, improving and growing the garden was fueled by the difference in taste between store bought and fresh veggies from the garden.

Over the years the garden has developed from, at first 5 raised beds, to now being a combination of raised beds, micro green production, "no-dig" beds and four polytunnels.


Using absolutely no chemicals this garden feeds a number of people fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables with our Family Bags and in a number of Luxembourg's finest eateries.

Senad Alic

Short introduction of who Senad is, his background, how he got into gardening.



Danny Hutchines

Danny was born in Luxembourg to English parents. After studying politics he decided to give up on office work and worked in the restaurant and bar business in Luxembourg for a few years.

Travelling in Central America in 2018 he spent a few months working in an organic permaculture and aquaponic garden in Central America and instantly developed a love for growing and cooking his own food.

Danny joined the Letz Grow team in April 2019.

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